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Rev P. Enosh Kumar

Rev P. Enosh Kumar is the youngest kid among the seven children born to Pastor P. Seemon (Simon) and Kanthamma, in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. After his diploma studies in Chennai and his graduate studies in theology from Delhi Grace Bible College, he was burdened by the growing heresies around him.

Since God’s call in his life he founded Truthful Gospel Ministries in 1999 and later registered it in 2004. This organization ministers to people cutting all verticals, from Politicians, Beaurocrats and state leaders to the marginalized, under privileged and the street kids. His hard work has gained him accolades both nationally and internationally. He plays a Telangana state role in the All India Christian Council, as the organizing secretary of Telangana state and has represented the cause of the churches at the district and state levels to the policy makers. Rev. Enosh Kumar is also a gifted teacher of the word and an anointed Shepherd to the leaders of the flocks. His passion of worship makes him a choice worship leader in mass crusades of different states in India.

He is married to Chandra Leela and they are blessed with two beautiful children Sanath and Swanthana

Mrs. P. Chandra Leela:

Mrs. P. Chandra Leela hails from a small village in Krishna district. Her parents committed her to the Lords work when she suffered from a severe illness in her early years. With this commitment she grew with a willingness to serve the Lord. Eventually when she graduated in nursing in 1999, she began to serve God through her gifting along with her husband, from the year when they got married. She heads the medical ministry and women’s ministry of Truthful Gospel Ministries Society.

TGM Directors


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Director for Children Wing

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